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HongKong Zousonfu jewelry is jewelry industry in China has a long history of well-known brands, the Health Fuk symbolize everlasting life and the blessings inward meaning, in many years of development history, Zhou Fu adhering to the "leading fashion, with Classic!" Brand mission and always pursued one aim : to classic art and jewelry exciting beautiful experience, and treasure the lives of common people in the various wonderful feeling!

In all the emotion, Zousonfu jewelry of marriage emotional placed more attention, and the century of marriage, many things change, Zousonfu jewelry accompanied way! He has gone through a generational change marriage, witness the tens of millions of couples will be happy marriage, and with the most precious of a moving emotional experience, with the human spirit. He won the World Gold Council "Design Excellence Awards," The Joy Luck marriage goldsmith "series but also represent the right Zousonfu jewelry happy marriage, the blessing century hand, is a happy marriage of the witness.

Sustainable development is inseparable from the strong brand based company, Zousonfu have first-class professional production line and quality inspection equipment, with the international diamond trade institutions top combination to ensure that diamonds are pure and price advantages of its operations in HongKong Zousonfu INT'L Jewelry Limited showing Group Limited scale development trend -- owned Shenzhen, east China and south China, southwest and northeast to the chain in order to develop a brand Zousonfu jewelry based on the high-end consumer brands strong echoes of specialization brand shop.

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